The Meaning of Home

Whether it’s to a new continent, a new state, or even just a new neighborhood, moving tends to bring a new perspective on the meaning of home.

Last weekend, I made the move from a quaint studio guesthouse in the mountains to a shared two-bedroom apartment at the beach. As I packed and unpacked what seemed like endless knick-knacks and belongings, I thought about the time I’d spent living in the guesthouse and how things would be different in my new abode.

Living in the mountains had provided beautiful views and abundant space, but its location was also remote and wild. The roads to the house were steep and winding, making it impossible for large cars to get there and isolating it from the communities I was a part of. Even so, despite these (and other) challenges, it still felt like home. Ultimately, it was a place to return to each night, and its furnishings and decor (albeit minimal) felt personal and unique to me, which is perhaps what most makes a house feel like home.

At their core, all homes are places of shelter and rest, but isn’t it true that no two are the same? How we arrange and live in them differs from person to person. Our inner love and passions and personalities are translated into our surroundings in the form of unique art and color and arrangements, making our homes true expressions of ourselves. Thus, what (and who) we fill our spaces with matters. 

And so, as I settle into my new place, I recognize it as so much more than a place to sleep. It’s an extension of myself, reminding me of who I am and setting the stage for who I want to be.

What does home mean to you? 

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