The Loveliest Things

This week, I was featured on Stephanie May Wilson‘s blog in a series called “The Loveliest Things,” which is all about celebrating and sharing the loveliness in our lives with each other. I love the idea of taking time to notice and appreciate what we find most beautiful in our lives, and have included my list below.

1. Wildflowers

From season to season, I never tire of seeing new wildflowers and creating fresh bouquets and flower crowns with them. Right now, California poppies, coreopsis, bush sunflowers and lupines are a few favorites. I love all flowers, but wildflowers seem extra special. Seeing them grow and flourish in the unlikeliest of places is so beautiful and such a great reminder that we’re all capable of thriving in surprising places and circumstances, too.

2. Long, Unhurried Breakfasts

Sipping coffee and nibbling on toast and berries while reading a good book or talking to sisters is one of the best, simplest pleasures there is. With so much to do all the time, it’s a huge gift to be able to spend a little extra time to just sit down, rest in the goodness of the morning and dream.

3. Sunset Walks

After sitting at work all afternoon, I love nothing more than to come home and take a long walk to the beach or to the park. Walking along the paths while soaking up the beautiful colors of the sunset never gets old and becomes a time for celebration, gratitude and reflection.

4. {Good} Roommates

I live with two of the most beautiful women who greet me at each turn with a hug and the loveliest words of encouragement and affirmation. After living alone, it’s impossible to describe how refreshing it is to be living with like-minded roommates who are so caring and fun and inspirational, and who make our house feel like home.

5. Manicures

Most of us would agree that it’s not difficult to paint our own nails, but that’s what makes getting a manicure so special. Being taken care of and pampered once in awhile is one of life’s little luxuries and an instant pick-me-up. Plus, a fresh coat of hot pink is just plain fun. Bonus points for sparkles.

What’s on your list of Loveliest Things? 

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