Does Your Life Need a Reset?

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Two weeks ago, M+H’s own Paige and I attended the Together 2016 event in Washington, D.C. Along with hundreds of thousands of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, we met on the National Mall and took a stand for the hope we have in Jesus. The event had an incredible lineup of speakers, singers, authors and church leaders — including Nick Hall, Tim Tebow, Lecrae, Louie Giglio, and Hillsong UNITED.

It was amazing to hear from such talented and spirit-filled leaders, but it was even more powerful to see such a large crowd united on their knees, lifting their hands and voices for an end to division and for a renewal of faith in our generation. 

It was a visible reminder of how big and how real God is. We often forget that, don’t we? When we face problems in our lives, we (or least I) tend to go to God as a last resort, after we’ve attempted to solve things on our own first — believing that our messes are too big or too shameful for someone else (even God) to handle.

Yet the message of Together reminds us that Jesus offers a reset. Whether it’s our faith, our self-image, our relationships or plans and desires that need resetting, we can bring our brokenness to Jesus and He will restore us to fulness of life in Him.


Even though Together 2016 is over, we can all still participate in its invitation to move past our mistakes and missteps and refocus our lives around the power and healing of Jesus. The Together 2016 app has a great Reset plan with videos and Scripture. I’d also recommend picking up Nick Hall’s book, Reset: Jesus Changes Everything, for some awesome encouragement  — I read it, and trust me, it’s worth purchasing!

Whether we’ve followed Jesus for years or are just now learning to, He stands prepared to reset our lives. As Hebrews 12 tells us, “He is the author and perfecter of our faith.”

So, what are you asking jesus to reset in your life?

This article was originally published on Milk & Honey Magazine
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