As a culture, we are quick to laud romance and familial love (such as between a mother and child), but how often do we stop and recognize the love we share with our friends? To be sure, there is something to be said about having people in our lives who encourage our talents, soften our heartaches, listen to our complaints, and build us up with their constant love and laughter.

Yet… friendship is an interesting thing. While most of us would consider it to be an intrinsic good, not all friendships are created equal. After all, we’ve all no doubt experienced those friendships in which we’ve picked up bad habits or felt we had to compromise part of who we were in order to make it work (several cringe-inducing memories from college Greek life come to mind).

Friendship then, as the adage goes, has the potential to make a good man better or a bad man worse.

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Image via BonnieKate Zoghbi