There are several things I fear: getting sick, experiencing rejection and losing loved ones, for starters. But more so than these, I’m afraid of wasting potential: of never becoming who I’m meant to be or achieving all the things expected of me. It’s difficult to admit, but I don’t think I’m alone in this. After all, haven’t we all at some point been told we “have potential”? That we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to and do whatever we dream?

For the most part, this is true. We all have potential to some degree or another, but the problem with having potential is that we never quite know when we’ve fulfilled it… which, at least from personal experience, leaves us feeling unsatisfied and searching for more. It creates a tension between knowing that we have abilities to offer the world, and wondering if those abilities will ever come to fruition.

Instead of taking time to pause and celebrate that we are living our once hoped-for futures, we become caught up in the idea that, no matter what or how much we do, there are always infinite possibilities for more.

It’s an exhausting mindset to be in. So how do we release this burden that unfulfilled potential creates? Head to The Fullest to keep reading. 

Image via Audrey Rivet