Celebrate Your Beauty

Propel Women - Celebrate Your Beauty
There’s something about wearing a swimsuit in public that brings out insecurities we didn’t even realize we had – a phenomenon I witnessed firsthand on vacation in the Caribbean a few weeks ago.

I overheard countless women’s murmurs of negative self-talk all over the beach: “Wait, we can’t take group pics because I’ll look fat next to her.” Or, “Ugh, I have no butt whatsoever. I should’ve done more squats before this trip.”

In this digital age, we’ve all seen countless images of what our culture considers “perfect” bodies. Whether we’re flipping through a magazine, watching a movie, or just scrolling through Instagram, it can feel impossible to escape the stream of filtered, posed images around us – and the pressure to measure up to them.

Our bodies could be in perfect health, but still would never be good enough if looked at through our culture’s lens. We’ll either be too thin, too fat, have too much cellulite, or too little muscle… the list goes on. Continue reading

Creating An Environment of Authenticity

Whether we’re chatting with a stranger or hanging out with our bestie, one of the beautiful things about human relationships is that different people bring out different aspects of ourselves. Some people bring out the extroverted, talkative sides of personalities, while others draw out our more reserved, pensive qualities. It all depends on how we feel around a person and what we deem is expected of us.

Have you ever considered what aspects you bring out in others? Do you make people feel accepted, comfortable and loved enough to be authentic in your presence? Or do people leave you feeling scrutinized, judged and exhausted? Often times, making people feel loved enough to be their truest self– even on a subconscious level– is an art.

So, how do we ensure that our presence is uplifting to others? Read more on The Fullest to discover simple ways to encourage authenticity. 

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10 Unexpected Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

We often think of health in terms of diet and exercise, but there is so much more that goes into our well-being than what we eat and how we treat our bodies. Our social, emotional, and spiritual health are just as important in regards to our overall wellness and should not be overlooked. After all, these components allow us to connect well with others, maintain positive relationships, cope with life’s challenges, and find purpose in our actions — all of which are essential to a full, healthy life.

And unlike sticking to a strict diet or workout regime, which can sometimes feel burdensome, there are countless fun and simple  habits we can incorporate into our routines that strengthen our mindset and improve our overall attitudes and well-being.

Here are just 10 ideas to get started this summer. What items would you add? Continue reading

Hope Heals: An Interview With Katherine Wolf

Katherine and Jay Wolf Headshot Hope Heals Book

In their debut book, Hope Heals: A True Story of Overwhelming Loss and Overcoming Love, Katherine and Jay Wolf share the story of their devastating pain — and ultimate healing — after a brain stem stroke nearly took Katherine’s life eight years ago.

At the time, the couple were raising their 6-month-old son, James, while pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles — Katherine in the modeling and entertainment industry and Jay in law school. The day of the stroke, Katherine underwent and survived a precarious 16-hour surgery, but her future recovery remained uncertain. She spent 40 days on life support in the ICU and nearly two years in full-time rehab — re-learning how to walk, talk, and eat. Continue reading

On Telling Our Inner Critic To Quit It

As much as we all want to be confident, self-assured women, there’s a nagging little voice inside our head that tries to tell us we can’t be — that we’re inadequate, we’re weak, we’re unworthy. It’s one thing to be aware of our shortcomings, but quite another to be self-critical and demeaning toward ourselves because of them.

When we notice our thoughts becoming less than kind and supportive toward ourselves, though, what can we do? How do we banish self-doubt and manifest the strong women that we are? Continue reading

Finding Happiness in Others’ Success

 matter how much we might strive for perfection in each area of our lives – in our relationships, in our careers, in our health, or even in our faith – it’s inevitable that we’ll fail at times and see others outshine us. Yet when this happens, what’s our reaction? Do we express happiness for our friends’ and co-workers’ successes in life? Is our happiness for them genuine?

A sense of ambition and competition can inspire us to reach for new goals and be a useful driving force for improvement, but when our competitive tendencies prevent us from rejoicing in the achievements of others, it’s time to evaluate our thought-patterns. Continue reading

The Beauty of Silence

We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass – grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence. We need silence to be able to touch souls. The more we receive in silent prayer, the more we can give in our active life.

Mother Teresa

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What Are You Afraid of?

Whether we’re afraid of public speaking, spiders, the death of a loved one, or something more unusual, we all hold on to certain fears that we resist facing. It’s natural to shrink from them, and some fears — like spiders — are just plain hard to be proactive about conquering.

Others, however, stem from half-truths we believe about ourselves or a situation, and are something we can work on.

But what does it take to release the grip these beliefs have on us? Continue reading

Coping With Family Conflict

As one of nine children, I’m never short of a sister to call for advice or a brother to hang out with when I’m bored. There are several perks of having a lot of siblings, but the best part is just the sheer amount of affection and support that we have for each other.

Despite the love we share, however, I’ll be the first to admit that we’re far from being perfect. With so many different personalities and opinions, we certainly have our fair share of disagreements. The truth is, no matter how ideal some may seem, all families have their own challenges. Continue reading

Building Authentic Self-Esteem

Where do you find your identity? 

In your looks? In your grades? In the groups you’re a part of? All too often, we define ourselves by external factors such as how we look or what we do. We form our opinion of ourselves based on others’ perceptions of who we are and end up basing our worth on how well we measure up to cultural standards.

Deep down, however, we know that our identities extend far beyond societal circumstances. Continue reading