what's offered

Quality content and copy are essential to your company or brand’s overall marketing strategy. Used effectively, they grab the reader’s attention and build up trust, authority and overall identity. Your brand has a story that deserves to be told truthfully, powerfully and delightfully.

Here are the services I offer to make that happen:


While beautiful images and design may initially attract potential clients and customers, your copy communicates the true value of your brand and has the power to generate new leads and business. Whatever the project, I’m driven to develop compelling, top-notch copy that brings your brand to life and aligns with your goals.

  •         Website copy
  •         Copyediting
  •         Proofreading


Running a successful blog not only increases your search engine presence, but also establishes your marketplace authority, builds relationships and trust, and helps boost conversions. I produce high-quality, cost-effective posts designed to encourage consumer interaction and sharing.

  •         Blog posts
  •         Articles
  •         Email creation


Creating, publishing and distributing content for your target audience sets your business up for predictable, cost-effective traffic and growth, but can be a challenge to consistently produce and maintain. I take the guesswork out of this process by providing valuable, strategic content that clearly communicates who you are and why you matter.

  •         Ghostwriting
  •         eBooks
  •         Bios