Q&A With “Love Lives Here” Author Maria Goff

For fans of Bob Goff and his bestselling book, “Love Does,” Maria Goff — or “Sweet Maria,” as her husband refers to her — needs no introduction. The wife, mother of three, and now author is beloved for creating a career out of loving those around her.

In her debut book, “Love Lives Here: Finding What You Need in a World Telling You What You Want,” Maria reflects on what she’s learned about living with intention, dealing with loss, and loving others like Jesus does. Full of warmth, grace, and humor, she shares vivid personal stories that invite readers to stop and reflect on their own lives and discover how to make them more meaningful.

“I didn’t write this book because I think we need more information, more steps, or more instructions on how to lead a meaningful life,” she writes. “Instead, I think we all can benefit from times of honest reflection.”

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Life As An Artist: Q&A With Abbey Holden Studio

I met Abbey Holden on the first day of fourth grade, and even then, I knew there was something special about her. She’s gorgeous, kind, personable, and, as evidenced by the pics below, uber talented. Even as a kid, Abbey had a clear gift for art, so it should come as no surprise to learn that she studied it further in college and became a print designer for Lilly Pulitzer (!!!) after graduating. Her most recent endeavor, though, has been starting Abbey Holden Studio, which sells the absolute dreamiest paintings on the planet.

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Inspire-Aspire: Join The Female-Led Career Revolution

Sarah Comer
When I first met Sarah Comer at an event in Los Angeles last summer, she made an instant impression on me. She is warm, poised, well-spoken, and passionate in her convictions — in a word, inspirational. It should come as no surprise to learn, then, that she is the woman behind the website Inspire-Aspire: Be the Career Change, a source of informative career inspiration for women looking to combine their passions with a purpose.

Much like Sarah herself, Inspire-Aspire is reflective, uplifting, and brimming with insights. It features in-depth interviews with women such as Seane Corn and Ruchira Gupta, who are creating positive change through their work. Sarah hopes that the stories of such women will inspire and empower other women to “Be the change you wish to see in the world” through their careers as well — hence Inspire-Aspire’s tagline, “Be the career change.” Continue reading

What “Aesthetic Activism” Is And Why Bib & Sola Is Leading It

Bib & Sola - White SetA glassware company that produces striking hand blown carafes and glasses, Bib & Sola offers a stylish and conscious alternative to plastic bottles. The brand’s founder, Kira Heuer, is adamant about reducing plastic waste and providing clean water solutions. Through Bib & Sola’s colorful pieces, she aims to do both, believing that their beauty has more power to inspire education and change than anything else — a concept she calls, “Aesthetic Activism.”

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The Confidant Embodied: Anny Donewald

This past winter, I had the pleasure of speaking with author and activist Anny Donewald about her incredible faith journey and how she uses her past in the sex industry in order to teach other women about their worth and fill them with hope through the love of God.

For those unfamiliar with her story, Anny entered the sex industry at the age of 19 and spent the next six years working as an exotic dancer in Chicago, Detroit, and other various cities before heading to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where her work ultimately escalated into prostitution.  Continue reading

What Does This Song Taste Like: An Interview with Shanti Media

What does this song taste like?

That’s the question that prompted chef Shanti Medina to create Forks & Vinyl, a new monthly dinner series in Los Angeles that translates songs into dishes for an inspired experience of music, food and conversation.

Along with 24 other guests, I had the privilege of attending Forks & Vinyl’s first dinner – dubbed “The First Date” – in a beautiful outdoor setting where we were served a five-course dinner based on a selection of five songs curated around the theme of first dates. Continue reading

Sketches of Life: An Interview With Noel Badges Pugh

With its ability to inspire and enrich our lives, art provides an unparalleled respite from the constant distractions and troubles that we face and allows us to reconnect with our spirits in a profound way. It’s an incredible gift to be able to create art, but it’s not always easy to find the time or inspiration to do so. In this interview, ink and watercolor artist Noel Badges Pugh shares his thoughts on the artistic process and what we can do to cultivate our creative abilities. Continue reading